Read below what some of our wonderful students wrote about their class experiences!!
  1. Joe was great and it was a great course. Joe was very considerate and flexible in coordinating the class schedule and times. He was knowledgable and presented the material in a clear and concise way with explanations, appropriate for class members' knowledge bases, as needed. Would definitely recommend Joe's class to anyone who is seeking a comfortable atmosphere for a good CCL class.
    Jeremy W.
  2. Joe presents the required course materials on concealed carry law, procedures and requirements with a hearty dose of gun basics - selection, holsters, care & maintenance and safe handling & storage. However, throughout the course, Joe liberally weaves in colorful analogies, real world experiences and helpful hints that separate him from a typical instructor. I would highly recommend the class.
    Steven S.
  3. Excellent course today. Enjoyed the presentation and your patience and knowledge. Brought up new points I had not thought of. Will recommend your course to all. Your knowledge, expertise and professionalism made today's course outstanding.
    Robert C.
  4. Being a woman , I felt the class was not bias and felt equal to the male members in the class. Questions were answered and many scenarios were discussed with resolutions of being Defensive instead of Offensive . Targets were easy to see and qualifying was attainable through exceptional guidance and instruction. I believe it was a highly professional and Informative class. The day was working in our favor and we were lucky to have a beautiful fall day for shooting.
    Cynthia R.
  5. Great class! Joe is a great instructor. Very informative!
    Kelli E.
  6. Mr. Albright has an extremely low stress course with very in depth information on carrying in Illinois. From the laws that govern the use of force to the many different ways you can conceal a firearm on ones person. The learning environment is small so you can ask questions on anything you are unsure of or wish to go into deeper detail with, and it is very clean cut and to the point. Being a former law enforcement officer, he can give you firsthand experience on the use of force and also how to interact with law enforcement in the case you do have to defend yourself. As a combat veteran I highly recommend this course and believe it good information and a must for anyone who plans on carrying a firearm in self defense.
    Nick S.
  7. I'll be honest the idea of spending my weekend in a 16 hour class split up into two days was not having me jump for joy. However I can truly say Joseph Albright's conceal and carry course provides all the training and knowledge I had hoped to gain while keeping you engaged the entire time. Joseph is honest, factual, educated, and does not try to push his opinions or agendas which I've noticed can be an issue with such subject matter. Joseph exhibits the four P's that are required for my recommendation. He was prepared, professional, polite,and pleasant. I would suggest anyone that is interested in obtaining their CCL to find a date for Joseph's course and sign up ASAP! Thanks again Joe!
    Brianna S.
  8. I highly recommend this class, the instructor is highly knowledgeable in the proper techniques to conceal a firearm safely, the laws regarding Illinois conceal carry, and all of the responsibilities that come with obtaining a conceal carry license. This class is sure to help anyone who takes it, even if you have years of experience with firearms. The cost of this class is also significantly less than some of the local competition, and sure to bring more knowledge and real life experience. The class is interactive, and you can get all of your questions answered. Relaxed atmosphere, easy to understand the content with how it is presented, an absolute must for anyone considering a conceal carry class!
    Joe E.